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Turkey’s Erdoğan to visit Iran to negotiate boosting ties

5 February 2015 13:49


Mahmoud Vaezi made the remarks at the conference of Iranian and Turkish traders held today at Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce.

“Since President Rouhani assumed office [in August 2013], the presidents of the two countries have held four meetings, and President Erdoğan is scheduled to visit Tehran in the very near future,” said Vaezi, stressing that boosting political, cultural and economic ties were on the agenda, and the two countries would make efforts to remove the current trading issues.

“Trust between the leaders of the two countries has now reached its highest level, thus the time is now ripe to make use of this trust to develop relations,” he said.

According to Vaezi, the two presidents have set the goal for reaching 30 billion dollars trade relations, which means doubling current figure standing at 15 billion dollars.

“If the private sectors in both countries play a more active part, and with the increase of the numbers of our joint banks and banking relations, Tehran and Ankara can reach the set goal in trade,” asserted Vaezi.

He also maintained that Iran-Turkey’s second railway will be inaugurated, and that the initial preparations have been made.

According to him, an Iranian delegation will visit Ankara next week to hold negotiations with the Turkish side in regard to tariff problems on glass and petrochemistry.

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