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Hamas: We will not remain silent over Gaza siege or else Qassam Brigades break the blockade

6 February 2015 20:00


The Hamas Movement on Thursday warned it would not remain passive any more if the blockade on the Gaza Strip continued.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called for swiftly moving to lift the siege on Gaza from all sides or else the Movement and its armed wing al-Qassam Brigades would have to escalate the situation and break the blockade.

Addressing protestors during a massive rally staged by Hamas at Salahuddin Gate, near the border with Egypt, Abu Zuhri said, “Our stance is clear and straightforward. We call upon Egypt and its leaders to reconsider their position. Our resistance only targets the occupation and you should end you injustice to us.”

The spokesman said that the Egyptian court ruling on al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas as a terrorist organization was extremely shocking to the Palestinian people, and the Arab and Muslim nations.

He pointed out that Egyptian intelligence officials had admitted several times though its contacts with Hamas that they knew that the Movement did not interfere in the internal affairs of their country, but they still keep silent on their media incitement against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Abu Zuhri also condemned the Egyptian judiciary for classifying al-Qassam Brigades as a terror group.

“We are standing here today in Rafah on the Egyptian-Palestinian borders because of an incident that has caused a great shock to all Gaza and Palestine people as well as the Arab and Muslim nations, when the Egyptian judiciary put the most honorable Islamic and Arab Movement on the terror list,” he underscored.

“We want to tell the judge that ‘it was not a mistake what you did, it was a crime against us and against Egypt before Palestine’ because the Palestinian question has always been the Muslims’ cause, and such Egyptian court verdict is not a passing procedure, but it is a real catastrophe. It is a disaster to see the equations reversed, where the occupation becomes a friend and the Palestinian people an enemy,” he added.

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