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Violence erupts in Dara’a; rebels and loyalists battle for control

6 February 2015 22:24


Since the rebel capture of Brigade 82’s headquarters near Sheikh Miskeen, the Dara’a front has become increasingly more violent, despite the absence of progression for the rebel contingents and the loyalist forces inside the province.

On Friday morning, the militants from the Al-Qaeda linked “Al-Nusra Front” (Jabhat Al-Nusra) – in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) “Southern Front Brigade” – attacked the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Division at the village Dilli, resulting in a fierce confrontation between the opposing forces that accumulated an unconfirmed amount of casualties for both sides.

Clashes at Dilli are still ongoing, with neither making any significant gains; however, the village is under the 5th Division’s control; it is besieged by the militant groups.

At Deir Al-‘Adrass, the 5th Division repelled an attack at the eastern flank by militants affiliated with the FSA, killing 13 enemy combatants and destroying 2 armored vehicles mounted with 23 mm anti-aircraft machine guns.

According to a military source in the 5th Division, 2 militants were identified among the dead at Deir ‘Adrass: Falih Al-Tamer (Saudi) and Saamer Al-Mohaameed (Syrian).

In the village of Al-Manshiyyah, the FSA’s 18th Division launched an attack on the 5th Division’s frontline defenses; this militant assault was unsuccessful due to the large presence of SAA soldiers and the persistent Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) bombing campaigns.

The 5th Division – in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) – continued their counter-offensive near the rebel-controlled Brigade 82 headquarters – they were able to reach the base’s outskirts before withdrawing northeast by nightfall.

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