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Iran ready to expand trade ties with Egypt

7 February 2015 23:48


Iran said on Saturday that it is determined to expand economic ties with Cairo in all areas.

Mohammad Khazaei, the president of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, said Tehran is specifically ready to export technical and engineering services to Egypt.

Khazaei said Iran has serious plans to facilitate technicalities for trade with Egypt.

He further expressed hope that relations between Tehran and Cairo would reach to a degree that the two countries would form joint economic committees, IRNA reported.

Khazaei, who is also a top deputy economy minister, further emphasized that Iran-Egypt ties are rooted in history, adding that there are great potentials for both countries to expand their relations.

He made the remarks at a forum in the Iranian capital on the outlooks for the expansion of Iran-Egypt relations.

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