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Zionist israeli forces attack Palestinians

7 February 2015 12:25


Israeli forces have attacked Palestinian protesters staging a demonstration against the regime’s illegal expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The attack left several demonstrators injured as Israeli forces used birdshots and teargas to disperse the anti-settlement marchers near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday.

Clashes were also reported to have broken out between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the West Bank villages of Nabi Saleh and Kafr Qaddum.

Palestinians hold weekly rallies against Israel’s construction activities in the occupied Palestinian territories and an illegal separation wall that runs across the West Bank.

Also on Friday, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the destruction of some 400 newly-built Palestinian homes in West Bank.

Upwards of half a million Israelis live in more than 120 settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem al-Quds, in 1967.

The Israeli settlements are considered to be illegal by the United Nations and most countries because the territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967 and are thus subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.

The presence and continued expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian lands has created a major obstacle in the way of efforts to establish peace in the Middle East.

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