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Yemenis celebrate victory of people’s will Yemen Revolution

8 February 2015 14:19


Yemenis are celebrating the victory of the people’s will and the rejection of foreign intervention in Yemen.This comes just a day after Yemen’s popular committees affiliated with Ansarullah movement and its allies issued a sixteen article constitutional decree which sacked the parliament.

According to the announcement, a 551-member national transitional council will replace the parliament and a 5-member presidential council will take the role of the president for up to two years.

The Houthi leader said the move was necessary in order end the ongoing political deadlock and to fill the political vacuum which was caused by President Hadi’s resignation.

A number of political factions have voiced disapproval of the constitutional decree and have called on global and regional powers to intervene immediately in order to reverse what they say is a Houthi takeover of the country.The Houthi leader however, rejected any foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs.

The celebrations in Sana’a come amid rising tensions throughout the country, which many fear could reap more violence. Although a number of political factions have rejected the dissolution of the parliament, Yemenis continue to celebrate what they call the beginning of a new era in the Arab country, which would eventually lead to building of a new Yemen.

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