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Zarif: Iranians’ pessimism about west is logical

8 February 2015 14:22


Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said there is a great deal of suspicion in Iran about the west especially the US and any reaction seen from the people of Iran is due to this mistrust.

Zarif was talking in an open discussion session on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

On recent criticisms by some members of Parliament of his walking with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Geneva streets, Zarif said Iran is a society with different thoughts.

We have different approaches in our society which is not bad at all. West is also pessimistic about Iran’s nuclear program for which I do not see a reason.US support for Saddam in fighting a democratic government risen from the demands of Iranian people and many other cases have caused suspicion about the west and US, said Zarif.

He added all reasons of Iranians’ pessimism about west are logical and Iran did not talk with US in the past, but we are doing it now.

I should say that US enmities against Iran cannot be ignored during the discussions, the minister said.

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