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Gaza’s fishing industry declining due to israeli aggression

9 February 2015 13:11


The fishing industry in the blockaded Gaza Strip has been declining in recent years due to Israeli restrictions.

Israel navy restricts fishing off the coast of Gaza and frequently attacks fishermen depriving them from earning a living.

Over forty fishermen were arrested and at least a dozen boats were damaged by Israeli navy fire since the end of Israel’s Fifty Day war on Gaza.

Fearing for their lives hundreds of fishermen gave up fishing and are working in other fields to make ends meet.

Currently there are less than four thousand people working as fishermen in the Gaza Strip.

Israel is constantly breaking the truce agreement that ended its recent war on the tiny coastal sliver.

As part of the truce agreement fishermen were allowed to fish up to six nautical miles off the coast of Gaza but most Israeli attacks are taking place within three or four nautical miles range.

Experts say Israel attacks fishermen as part of its systematic Apartheid policy against Palestinians.

Many here believe that the fishing industry will continue to decline as long as Israel continues its aggressive policies against Palestinian fishermen.

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