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Millions of Britons Face Financial Ruin

10 February 2015 22:42


It has been revealed that around 15 million Britons will fall in to serious debt after just 100 days should they lose their jobs. The staggering figure is from a new report commissioned by Christians against poverty

The survey which interviewed over 2000 people online found the situation was even worse for some. The report found one in 5 women and almost of a third of 18-24 year olds would be in serious financial trouble in less than a month should they lose their job.

The UK economy may have doubled in size since the early 1980’s but so has the number of poor people. 22% of the population are now living in poverty. That’s a staggering 13.4 million people. Some critics argue the austerity measures put forth by the Government are counterproductive and only punish the poor resulting in a wider wealth gap.

Despite the country’s economic upturn, the number of people in the UK suffering unmanageable debt is still rising, and, experts warn, will continue until there is a change in economic policies.

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