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Poland says has no plans to send lethal weapons to Ukraine

10 February 2015 21:18


Poland has ruled out sending arms to Ukraine, saying supplying the government in Kiev with lethal weaponry is “out of the question.”

“I want it to be clear. It is out of the question to send heavy weaponry to Ukraine, or Grom missiles, tanks or similar weaponry. Poland did not have and has no such plans,” Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak told Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Polish public radio Jedynka quoted Siemoniak as saying, “Supplying arms to Ukraine is the last potential option, and it is worth avoiding it.”

Siemoniak, who also serves as a deputy prime minister, said Poland has sent Ukraine’s military some 17 million zlotys (about USD 4.6 million) worth of basic necessities, including food and clothing.

Stating that there has been no obstacle for commercial deals, involving armaments, between Poland and its neighbor, Siemoniak said a ceasefire is the first step that should be taken, “and then we can talk.”

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