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VP: Iran wants a deal which would guarantee nation’s rights

10 February 2015 8:13


First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said Iran favors an agreement which would guarantee the rights of the nation.

He said Iran has always made the point that it believes no deals are better than bad ones.

Speaking in a local session in Kerman, he said Tehran has never been after a bad agreement.

Stressing the illegal nature of West’s sanctions against Iran, he said Iran is now using the most powerful and skilled team of nuclear negotiators to pave the way for dialogue and interaction.

Jahangiri said so far Iran has managed to safeguard its nuclear rights and in certain cases even offset the functioning of sanctions.

As one major outcome of 18-month-old nuclear talks, he pointed to Iran’s success in stopping the Western countries from embarking on new sanctions.

Stressing the sustainable stability and security in the country, he said West is now well aware of the fact that Iran could tackle problems contaminating the region.

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