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Iran builds cement factory in Venezuela

12 February 2015 16:35


This week, officials from the Iranian government arrived in Venezuela to visit a cement factory in Anzoategui, a region that is several hours away from the capital Caracas. This factory was built with Iran’s help. It’s now known as Cerro Azul factory and has become the biggest of its kind in Latin America.

The Iranian authorities were welcomed by their Venezuelan counterparts and together verified the successful development of this impressive construction. The Iranian deputy Minister of Industry spoke to Press TV about the importance of this technological accomplishment which benefits both nations.

Cerro Azul has been built using state of the art technology and advanced engineering techniques and now it is able to produce one million tons of cement per year. In this context, Venezuelan officials thanked Iran for its valuable contribution.

In this context, authorities highlighted Iran’s commitment to industrial development for peaceful purposes.Now with a higher production of cement, Venezuelans hope to meet their dometic needs for housing and other projects.

This brand new cement factory known as Cerro Azul is yet another significant example of the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Venezuela. The investment in industry and advanced technology set Venezuelans one step closer to their strategic goal of diversifying their economy by producing a wide variety of products and free their industry from its dependence on oil.

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