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Iranian Top Commander Views Embassy Closure in Yemen as West’s Deceptive Plot

13 February 2015 15:34

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Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi described the US, Britain and France’s decision to close their embassies in Yemen as a deceptive plot.
“One can smell conspiracy from the conduct of the Americans, the British and the French. They are using trickery and making a fuss,” Firouzabadi said on Wednesday.

“In Yemen, there has never been any insecurity unless the Americans and their followers in Europe want to give rise to it,” he said, adding that the Yemeni capital is one of the most secure cities in the Middle-East.

Noting that the way the Western governments are dealing with the issue of Yemen proves they have no control over this country, Firouzabadi said, “They better stop being malicious and deceitful.”

Fighters of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement gained control of the capital city of Sana’a in September 2014. The revolutionaries say the former government was incapable of establishing security and had permanently failed in managing the administrative affairs of the impoverished Arab country.

The US, Britain and France are closing their embassies in Yemen due to what they called as the deteriorating security situation and political crisis in the country.

The US and British governments have withdrawn diplomatic staff from Sana’a and urged their citizens to leave.

France’s embassy in the capital has announced that it will close on Friday.

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