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US, israel in cahoots with ISIL in oil theft: Analyst

13 February 2015 14:19


Press TV has conducted an interview with Steven Kelley, former CIA contractor from Los Angeles, to discuss the financial resources of the ISIL Takfiri militants, who are currently wreaking havoc across the Mideast region.

The political commentator believes that the countries such as the United States, Israel and Turkey are business partners of the Takfiri ISIL terrorists as they are in cahoots with the militants in their oil theft and trafficking from Iraq and Syria.

He also adds that Washington and some of its allies have benefited from stolen oil and the falling price of oil in the global market during last couple of years.

Kelley says the administration of US President Barack Obama and the longtime and hard-line American politicians such as Republican senator John McCain continue to fund various Takfiri militant groups currently operating against the Damascus government.

The analyst concludes by saying that the US-backed Arab monarchies across the Persian Gulf region still remain hesitant to stop supporting the ISIL extremists.

US, israel in cahoots with ISIL in oil theft: Analyst Tags

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