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US withdrawal brings stability to Afghanistan: Officials

14 February 2015 20:09


The security situation across Afghanistan is gradually improving following the partial withdrawal of US-led forces from the war-ravaged country, officials say, Press TV reports.

Local residents and security officials in Afghanistan say order has significantly improved in the volatile southern and eastern provinces, which were once the epicenters of the Taliban militancy.

US-led forces have closed most of their military facilities in the southern, eastern and central regions of the violence-torn country.

Thousands of Afghan troops have assumed full responsibility for the security of several provinces.

Maidan Wardak Police Chief Khalil Andarab has recently said attacks have decreased drastically in the past few months.

“Attacks and insecurities in Maidan Wardak Province, especially on Kabul-Kandahar highway, have decreased by around 95 percent in the past 8 months,” he told Press TV.

The US-led combat mission in Afghanistan ended on December 31, 2014. However, at least 13,500 foreign forces, mainly from the United States, have remained in Afghanistan in what Washington terms as a support mission.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had often accused the United States of colluding with the Taliban to justify the American occupation.

Afghan political groups have repeatedly warned that things will get worse should the US set up permanent military bases in Afghanistan.

Afghan political figures have also heaped scorn on the US-led forces for committing unforgivable crimes against Afghan civilians, including women and children, since invading the country in 2001.

Thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed during night raids by foreign forces and CIA-run killer drone strikes.

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