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Intl. flights over Iran rise 70 per cent

15 February 2015 12:53


Ebrahim Shoushtari, who was speaking in provincial capital city of Yasuj in southwestern Kohkiloyeh and Boyerahmad during opening ceremony of Yasuj Airport new aviation system, said that the number of international flight over Iran has risen more than 70 per cent since last August, which he attributed to strategic position of Iran and ‘high quality of aviation services of the country; “apart from these factors, a secure sky has contributed to this rise as well,” he added.

“54 airports are active with about 700 international and domestic flights being handled in these airports daily; 5-6 per cent is the figure for rise in the number of domestic passengers, with 20-25 per cent growth in international flights number,” Shoushtari asserted. “By the end of March 2016, 9 per cent of the country’s international airports will be equipped with satellite aviation system,” he added, depicting as the Company’s agenda for the next year.

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