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EXCLUSIVE POHOTOS: Martyr Hajj Imad Moughnieh’s martyrdom anniversary

15 February 2015 12:44


Following is a group of photos, posted for the first time, about different stages of martyr leader Hajj Imad Moughnieh.

The photos have been posted in a separate book entitled “Replica of Original Copy” in three languages, Arabic, English and Persian, that narrates Moughnieh Jihadi and social life.

“It needs some patience, for it is the key to relief”: Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.


Moments before the start of attack against Zionist military position in southern Lebnaese town of Aramta, in 2000, before the liberation of May 25.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh (L) besides his younger brother, martyr Fouad, enjoying the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, that follows the holy month of Ramadan.


8-year Hajj Imad Moughnieh (L), brother martyr Jihad (M), brother martyr Fouad (R) and the younger sister Naheda sitting on the swing.


“The goal is clear, specific and precise: Wiping Israel off the world map”: Hajj Imad Moughnieh handwriting.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh in Adloun Hills, while participating in one of the military courses in the PLO-Fatah camps, Summer 1978.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh’s hand-written poetry in Arabic language, talking about courage and pride, Adloun Hills, Summer 1978.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh during his friend’s wedding in Dahiyeh, Beirut.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh delivering a speech on behalf of his friends on the funeral of martyr Hassan Ezzeddine in Lebanese town of Barish, April 1981


Hajj Imad Moughnieh (M), martyr Yasser Korani (L).


From left to right: Hajj Fayez Moughnieh -Hajj Imad’s father-, Hajj Imad Moughnieh carrying his son Mostafa, Ms. Amena Salameh – Hajj Imad’s mother, Ms. Fatema Jezzini – Hajj Imad’s mother-in-law, Iranian city of Karj, June 1987.
The two little girls are Fatema Moughnieh -Hajj Imad’s daughter (L), Zeinab Moughnieh -Hajj Imad’s sister (R).


Hajj Imad Moughnieh with Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on the wedding of his son, Jawad Nasrallah.


A certificate obtained by Hajj Imad Moughnieh following a specialized political course he took, in the Diplomatic Training Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut.


Hajj Imad Moughnieh with one of his friends.


After the liberation in 2000, while honoring the Mujahedeen of Hezbollah.


After the liberation in 2000, while visiting the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.


Before the July 2006 war, during an inspection tour in the facilities of Lebanese southern region.

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