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15 Palestinians journalists languishing in israeli jails

16 February 2015 12:06


15 Palestinian journalists are currently being held in Israeli jails. Their detention is part of tight restrictions imposed by Israeli forces on journalists working in the field.

The Palestinian journalists syndicate says this deliberate targeting of journalist aims at preventing them from covering the violence of the occupation army and Israeli settlers against the Palestinians.

In addition to their arrest, Palestinian journalists increasingly find themselves in the line of Israeli army fire, especially when covering the weekly demonstrations held by Palestinians against the illegal separation and the building of Israeli settlements.

Esam Rimawi is a Palestinian photographer who was shot with live ammunition during one of these demonstrations. But he insists that nothing would succeed in hiding the truth.

In 2014, the Israeli forces committed 308 cases of human rights violations against journalists. 17 Palestinian journalists including an Italian were killed during Israel’s summer war on Gaza Strip and 58 others were injured while covering events against Israeli illegal measures in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli forces regularly arrest and assault Palestinian people, and Palestinian journalists are no exception, the reporters face the same brutality when they try to expose Tel Aviv’s aggression.

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