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Iran to Inaugurate South Pars Gas Field’s Biggest Phase on Saturday

19 February 2015 17:57


The Phase 12 of the South Pars gas field is due to be inaugurated on Saturday in a ceremony to be participated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
The biggest phase of the South Pars field, Phase 12, will officially open on Saturday, February 21, in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani, Managing Director of South Pars Oil and Gas Company Ali Akhar Sha’banpour said on Wednesday.

Elaborating on the features of Phase 12, he said that its area, and respectively production capability, is three times greater than the regular phases of the offshore field.

Sha’banpour said that Phase 12 exploits three billion feet of sour gas from the seabed, equal to 84 million cubic meters, and after separating its gas derivatives, injects some 75 million cubic meters of sweet gas to the trans-Iranian gas pipeline network.

According to him, three main derricks and one satellite derrick are installed for the Phase 12, which altogether transfer that volume of gas to the refineries in the Iranian mainland.

He said that implementing the project took 110 months, equal to nine and a half years.

Focusing on Iran and Qatar’s difference in gas output from the joint field, the managing director said that Iran’s current production of 15 billion cubic meters, while Qatar produces 22 billion cubic feet.

He noted that Iran’s 51% share in production of the required facilities for construction of the oil and gas facilities needed in the South Pars Field has increased to 66% in construction of the widescale Phase 12.

Phase 12 of South Pars, shared by Iran and Qatar, is the largest phase in this gigantic gas reservoir.

This phase is expected to start producing at least 500 mcf/d of gas before the cold season starts for injection into national pipeline.

The high-pressure flare of the refinery of this phase became operational in August.

Based on coordination made between the contractor and the outsourcer of the project, gas produced from the five wells of this field was delivered to an onshore refinery in December.

By drilling 12 wells, one billion cubic feet a day of sour gas is expected to be delivered to the onshore refinery. This amount of production started with 500 mcf/d.

Iranian engineers and technicians have been operating Phase 12 of South Pars with seriousness and testing different sections of this refinery.

The steam production, air compressors and gas receiving units are now operational. Other sections like water desalination and wastewater treatment units have also become operational for inauguration.

Phase 12 of South Pars gas field is under development to produce 75 million cubic meters (mcm) of rich gas for delivery to national gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plants. Out of this amount, 25 mcm will be injected to national pipeline and the rest will go for LNG production. This phase is also expected to produce 120,000 b/d of gas condensate and 750 tons a day of sulfur.

The main contractor in the development of Phase 12 of South Pars is Petropars Company. The onshore installations of this phase are located 70 kilometers from Assalouyeh.

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