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Iranian VP: ISIL Serving Israel’s Long-Term Interests

19 February 2015 18:03


Iranian Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri warned of the threat of the ISIL terrorist group against the regional states, and said the group is serving the Zionist regime’s long-term interests.
Jahangiri made the remarks in a meeting with Ayatollah Eshaq Fayyaz in Baghdad on Wednesday.

Felicitating the victories of the Iraqi government, nation and army, he said that Iraq was faced with a huge plot that could harm that country’ entirety.

Jahangiri added that the threat was in fact against the entire Shiite population of the region, but thanks to the alertness of the sources of jurisprudence and scholars, the people rushed to the scene and eliminated the threat to a great extent.

The Iranian vice-president said that the threat of ISIL terrorist group would not be limited to Iraq as it was after occupation of the other regional countries as well as defaming the dear Islam throughout the world and serving the racist Zionists’ long-term interests.

“Iraq is fighting against the ISIL terrorists on behalf of the Islamic world, and even the entire world nations, and we hope the Iraqi and Syrian nations will manage to rid the world of the nuisance of the terrorists,” he added.

Ayatollah Fayyaz, for his part, said that Iran is the only official Shiite government of the world, which is why it has many enemies and it needs to get stronger with the passage of each new day.

“Iran’s security is due to the Iranian state’s strength and the Islamic Republic enjoys a high status in the world, which is a pride for the world Shiite Muslims,” he added.

Jahangiri was on a three-day visit to Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi prime minister.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Jahangiri called for the collective efforts of all countries to help resolve the ongoing crises in Iraq and Syria.

“All countries should help Iraq and Syria to leave behind their crises,” Jahangiri said, addressing a ceremony in Baghdad on Wednesday.

The Iranian first vice-president pointed to the status quo of Iran-Iraq relations, and said, “Iran has always been beside the Iraqi government and nation; I hope the Iraqi people and government will successfully leave behind the current crisis.”

He said Iranian officials believed that Iran and Iraq could broaden their relations much more, and added, “We have taken good decisions during my visit to Iraq.”

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