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US-Turkey governments plan to train Syria Takfiris disgusting

20 February 2015 14:00


Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, a human rights activist from Washington, to discuss an agreement recently reached between the United States and Turkey to train and equip the Takfiri militants in Syria.

The political commentator maintains that the US-Ankara plan to train and equip the so-called moderate militants is “sad” and “disgusting.” He adds that the militants, earlier trained by the US, have already ended up joining the ranks of ISIL and some al-Qaeda-linked militants groups over the past few years.

Short believes that Washington’s real purpose is to overthrow the legitimate government of President Bahar al-Assad by fueling the bloody militancy and sowing the seeds of hatred in the Arab country.

The US-led Western countries and their regional allies seek to undermine the Syrian sovereignty through strengthening the terrorist groups operating against the country, the analyst adds.

The analyst concludes by saying that the US global influence and hegemony have been on a rapid decline and Washington makes such decisions out of desperation.

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