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Al-Jaafari: Commission of Inquiry on Syria” biased, has political purpose

21 February 2015 11:29


Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said the Syrian Government has always expressed reservation on the work of so-called “independent commission of inquiry on Syria” which was formed by the Human rights Council.
“This commission is biased and was founded for political purposes and a hidden agenda which serves those who support terrorism in Syria, the state and people,” al-Jaafari added at a press statement following an informal meeting held by Security Council with members of the so-called “independent Commission of inquiry on the Violations of human rights in Syria.”
He said the informal meeting was held outside Security Council, thus, it only represents the opinions of those who talked, pointing out that the Commission has never visited Syria and it depended on testimonies of some persons who live outside Syria, particularly those who live in camps of Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.
Al-Jaafari added that the Commission carries out policies and opinions of some dominating sides in the Human rights Council and Security Council in order to distort the image of the Syrian Government who has prepared a book of 500 pages which includes information about the foreign terrorists who were killed in Syria during a month, mainly October of 2013.
He said “we have now three resolutions on combating terrorism, 2170, 2178 and 2199, all about fighting the Syrian State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization and Jabhat al-Nusra, and about the halt of financing terrorism and stopping the purchase of oil and stolen historical pieces from the terrorists,” adding that the Syrian government is the only side which carries out its commitments to these resolutions.
On the lists prepared by members of the commission, al-Jaafari said all of this propaganda aims to defame the image of the Syrian government, and the question here is what kind of credibility this propaganda may enjoy.

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