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Pakistani Muslims pledge to stand against terror attacks

21 February 2015 11:12


This is the Imamia mosque in Peshawar that was targeted by pro-Taliban militants during Friday prayers on February13. But the attack failed to stop Shias from offering their Friday prayers, as they once again flooded in big numbers into the same mosque to pray.

Shias, including men and women, offered their prayers and held special ceremonies to remember their loved ones killed in the attack. The Friday prayers were followed by a big protest staged outside the Imamia mosque to show their united strength against the terrorists.

The protestors chanted anti-government slogans, slamming authorities for proving their incompetency in ensuring protection to the innocent locals of the country.
Shia leaders declared the ongoing-targeted attacks on Shia mosques as an attempt to inflame sectarian violence.

Shias have pledged to continue coming to mosques in big numbers and show their resistance against the terror plots.

Shia Muslims held Friday prayers in Imamia mosque in Peshawar to show their unity and strength and to prove that they will not bow down against cowardly attacks by the terrorists.

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