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UK police accused of ignoring complaints of child sex abuse victims

21 February 2015 11:14


It’s yet more cases of child sexual abuse in the UK. A former senior social worker at a Nottinghamshire children’s home has said her complaints about abuse by care workers were ignored because of the children’s poor background. She says police officers used derogatory terms to describe alleged victims.

The former social worker who wants to remain anonymous alleges the residential staff at many of the care homes would work together and provide alibis for each other. It became very difficult to move children to a safer place, as those abusing would also move from home to home.

The Nottinghamshire police force has so far arrested 11 people in connection with abuse with more than 100 complaints being investigated some that go as far back as the 1960’s. Helen Chamberlain the head of public protection, denied the police were overwhelmed by the scale of the enquiry, but some critics argue much of this could have been avoided had the police acted when the allegations first came to light.The Nottinghamshire police force say they are determined to conduct a thorough investigation.

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