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Daily protests rap police killing of Hispanic in Washington

22 February 2015 9:57


A shooting death caused by a US cop has triggered days of demonstrations in demand of equal treatment by cops.

The protests over the killing of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, a 35-year-old Mexican immigrant and former orchard worker, are reminiscent of those by the Black Lives Matter movement, which slams US police brutality against minorities, mainly the country’s African American community.

In mid-February, the Hispanic was shot dead in Pasco, Washington, as he was allegedly threatening police officers by throwing rocks at them.

“It was just a rock,” shouted protesters outside Pasco City Hall, where they have been holding daily demos since February 10.

“We will continue to be calm, until they give us a reason not to,” said a protester, adding the Hispanics are “very distrustful right now”.

A cell phone video, obtained following the incident, shows Montes being shot while he is standing no more than 20 feet away from the officers with his hands held out in front.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been monitoring a probe into the incident by a regional task force.

Police allege that the man hit two officers with rocks and refused to put down other stones following demands by the cops who failed to subdue him even after using a stun gun.

The Franklin County’s Prosecutor Shawn Sant said on Thursday that the family of the victim had requested a second, independent autopsy, which he welcomed.

People in the US have been simmering with rage following the death of several unarmed black Americans at the hands of police and grand jury decisions not to indict two white police officers in Missouri and New York.

A survey by the Reuters and IPSOS polling organization has found a significant distrust of police in the United States, where many Americans believe police target minorities unfairly and often lie for their own interests.

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