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US-israel’s Rabid Dog ISIL threatens to burn alive captured Kurds

22 February 2015 23:29


ISIL has threatened to burn alive 21 Kurdish prisoners if Peshmerga forces continue to fight the terrorist group. This came in a video posted by the group on the internet showing the 21 hostages in orange suits and trapped in metal cages.

On the other hand a German newspaper revealed that ISIL is willing to sell the bodies of Kurdish fighters killed in the fighting to their families in exchange for an amount of money ranging between 10 and 20 thousand dollars.

Reports say ISIL had cut its militants’ salaries by two-thirds because it’s no longer able to sell a barrel of oil by more than ten to twenty dollars. It seems that the advances of the Iraqi army in Salaheddin have hampered oil smuggling operations of the group depriving it of a significant portion of its financial resources.

It seems that the ISIL is engaging in new forms of atrocities to finance its operations. Any long term lack of funds would weaken the terrorist group and make it an easy target.

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