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Liberman: We Can’t Talk about Iran When Haven’t Defeated Hamas

23 February 2015 19:55


Zionist regime Foreign Minister Lieberman criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as he urged the Zionist forces to destroy Hamas asking them to instate a death penalty for the resistance fighters.

The “Yisrael Beytenu” chairman and aspiring war minister said, “Our central problem is the dangerous combination of releasing “terrorists” and not giving an order to eradicate the Hamas regime”.

According to Liberman, “”terrorists” did not have a deterrent if there was no death penalty,” because they were sure they would be released in a future prisoner exchange, and while they sit in jail they can get college degrees and their families were paid by the Palestinian Authority.

The “Israeli” official brought up death penalty for the resistance men last week already, saying in an event that the Zionist entity “had released over 3,000 “terrorists” and doing so had harmed “Israel’s” deterrence, because it gave hope to anyone who wanted to attack.”

As for Hamas, Liberman said that while “Israel” provided Gaza with electricity, Hamas was using it to rebuild attack tunnels and to create new missiles.
“A fourth military operation in Gaza is only a matter of time,” the FM warned.
“How can we make the fourth round the last one? We have to give the “IDF” an order to destroy Hamas’ regime,” Liberman posited.

He continued, “Without that, we cannot continue living regular lives. Every two years, more or less, we have an operation and four million people run to bomb shelters. Every two years, we stop school and work in factories. No reasonable country can allow this.”

Liberman added, “We cannot preach to the whole world on how to fight terrorism if we cannot defeat and eliminate the “terrorism” right under our noses. We can’t talk about Iran, when we can’t solve the problem of Hamas, two seconds from Sderot”.
Liberman said that any plan to destroy Hamas must include consideration of what would happen the next day and who would be in charge of Gaza.

However, he refused to elaborate on the matter, saying that was a discussion that should take place in the Security Cabinet, not in the press.

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