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Syrian Air Force Rules the Skies in Aleppo; 117 Airstrikes in 24 Hours

23 February 2015 21:15

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The Syrian Arab Air Force has reemerged in the Aleppo Governorate after almost a one week absence due to poor weather conditions that left their aircrafts immobile during the National Defense Forces offensive in the northern countryside.

To make up for lost time, the SAAF launched a relentless 117 airstrikes in a 24 hour span, targeting the Syrian Al-Qaeda branch “Jabhat Al-Nusra”, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS), and the Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya) positions around the province.

According to a military source, the SAAF’s airstrikes were concentrated on the agglomeration of militant positions in the areas of Deir Hafer, Al-Baab, Marr’e, ‘Azaz, Hardatineen, Rityan, Harateen, Bani Zayd, Al-Malaah, Al-Maayer, ‘Anadan, Kafr Hamra, and Bustan Al-Basha.

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