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Dara’a: the Syrian Army and Hezbollah Progress to Tal Qareen

24 February 2015 20:20


The Syrian Arab Army’s 9th Armored Division in cooperation with Hezbollah has countered the militants from the Syrian Al-Qaeda branch “Jabhat Al-Nusra” (Al-Nusra Front) at the town of Al-Habariya, resulting in their progression towards the rugged area of Tal Qareen to the southwest.

East of Tal Qareen, Hezbollah and the 9th Division continued to improve their positions in Kafr Nissaj, where they have captured almost half of the town after intense clashes with Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army’s 1st Brigade.

At Kafr Shamis, the SAA’s 7th Mechanized Division confronted a Jabhat Al-Nusra contingent on Kafr Shamis-Sinameen Road, killing 14 enemy combatants and confiscating their heavy weaponry in the process.

The Syrian Arab Air Force reportedly launched a total of 63 airstrikes in the Dara’a Governorate on Monday; this was almost double the amount of airstrikes launched last week due to poor weather.

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