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High Profile UK MP’s caught on camera in fresh “cash for access” scandal

24 February 2015 15:39


It’s not the first time that MP’s have been caught on camera, in the so called cash-for-access scandal. This time though, they are particularly high profile.

Jack Straw. Former Labour foreign Minister, and conservative Sir Michael Rifkind, also a former foreign minister and the current chairman of the intelligence and security committee.

Both MPs have been filmed meeting undercover reporters posing as a fictitious Hong Kong-based communications agency. Both appear to offer to use their positions to benefit the firm, in exchange for thousands of pounds. Straw is said to have described how he has operated “under the radar” and Rikind that he could arrange useful access to every British ambassador in the world.

The latest scandal raises old questions about how MPS mix their parliamentary work and their private business and the timing is up to steaks with campaigning for the general election in full swing.

Both MP’s have been suspended from their respective parties and have referred themselves to Parliament’s standards watchdog. They both deny any wrong doing.

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