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Iran Starts ’Great Prophet – 9’ Drills in Persian Gulf

25 February 2015 18:57


The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps started massive military drills named “Great Prophet Mohammad the Messenger of Allah 9” Wednesday morning in the Strait of Hormuz in Larak Island, Persian Gulf, Mehr news agency reported.

Representing sustainable sovereignty and security in the light of national determination, Great Prophet 9 drill is attended by different Iranian senior officials including IRGC commanders, generals and military officials as well as Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

The Great Prophet 9 war games aim at showing IRGC’s missile combat power to trans-regional powers as well as to upgrade combat power of IRGC’s operating units.

“The military drills and the military might of Iran sends out the message of peace and friendship to the outside world especially the neighboring regional countries and also the rest of the world; however, at the same time, it is a crushing response to those who want to become invaders or to violate rights and the territorial integrity of other countries,” IRGC officials had announced ahead of drills.

The first day of the exercises will see mining operations by IRGC speedboats with various capabilities including marine radars and advanced communication systems, cruise missiles with a range of 25 km, medium-range anti-ship missiles, medium- and large-caliber torpedoes and naval mines.

For the first time in the world, helicopters equipped with missiles will be used in the military drills and also two coast-to-sea ballistic missiles will be fired which will be able to cover up to 270 kilometers of distance.

In another part of today’s operation, radar-evading missiles called Nasr (Arabic for Victory) will also be launched from the vessels which can fly at the altitude of 2-5 meters above the sea level.

Great Prophet Mohammad the Messenger of Allah war games (Great Prophet 9 Maneuver) are three-day military drills operated by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Strait of Hormuz to show Iran’s military might against probable enemies seeking to encroach on Iran’s territories.

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