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Syria launches offensive to break ISIL’s siege of Aleppo

25 February 2015 19:05


Syrian army troops have launched a fresh offensive in the countryside of the war-ravaged northern city of Aleppo in a bid to break the siege of several suburban towns that remained under the ISIL Takfiri terrorists’ control.

According to the reports, government forces have reportedly advanced towards the northwest outskirts of the major city in an attempt to break the siege of the towns of Nubel and al-Zahra by the foreign-backed militant group.

This is while the army has also engaged in mop-up operations in a number of villages in the area that have already been liberated from terrorist elements.
In southwestern parts of Aleppo, meanwhile, heavy clashes continue between pro-government forces and the armed insurgents.
Aleppo is at the forefront of battles between Syrian government forces and a variety of foreign-sponsored militants, including the notorious ISIL, the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and other terrorist factions.
Last week, Syrian troops, backed by fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, closed in on the two Shia-populated towns in the Aleppo countryside.

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