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Diplomatic relations between Argentina, Terrorist israel hit minimum low

26 February 2015 22:32


The death of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman has taken the diplomatic relationship between Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv to a new unprecedented low and it was brought to a standstill by the Argentine government after some Israeli diplomats and officials decided to play the role of the opposition when leveled ungrounded allegations against the President and tried to twist the arm of her administration.

Nisman was in charge of a highly controversial investigation over the bombing of a Jewish Community center and days before his death he accused President Cristina Kirchner of conspiring to cover up Iran’s alleged involvement in the attack.

Although the prosecutor could never prove any of his allegations, the Israeli organizations based in Argentina along with some local Zionist movements, rapped the Argentine government for its cooperation ties with Iran.

From the close alliance the two countries upheld during Argentina’s neoliberal years in the 1990s, the relationship made a U-turn when the Kirchner administration took the decision to carry on the AMIA case investigations independently and left the Israeli secret service aside. Despite the move received the support of many of the victims’ families, the Jewish organizations pressured to reverse the decision.

The first rifts in the diplomatic relations between Argentina and Israel emerged back in 2013, when Argentina signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tehran to jointly probe the 1994 AMIA Jewish Community Center bombing. According to experts, such unprecedented deal, which was fiercely blasted by Tel Aviv, certainly undermined the Israeli unrelenting efforts to hold Iran accountable for the attack.

According to diplomatic sources, the speech addressed last week by President Kirchner urging Israel to stop meddling in the Argentine internal affairs infuriated Tel Aviv and it would be now considering to summon the ambassador for consultations.

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