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IRGC comm.: Southern waters within outreach of IRGC missiles

26 February 2015 19:08


The commander in chief of the IRGC has said Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are within the outreach of IRGC missiles.
Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari told Iran’s state broadcasting IRIB News Network which was covering the military drills titled ‘Mohammad the Messenger of Allah-9’ that in the case of a real test of capabilities of IRGC naval forces, “the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman will be in the outreach of our missiles.”

“So far, all parts of the military sea drills have been successful; the drills have a specific focus on the enemy’s destroyers,” he told the IRIB New Network. “We announce to the world that today we have these capabilities, and that these capabilities are merely defensive, providing security of Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz,” Maj. Gen. was quoted as saying.

“The drills was carried out with the premise that someday enemies would entertain destabilizing the region; we think that this is quite possible,” said Jafari, adding that the IRGC sought to provide the security of trade ships and oil tankers passing the waters.

“The drills sought also to communicate the message of the hegemony of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region; we have the message got across to the Persian Gulf Arab states that we proved our fraternity and friendship, and that we have only issues with the powers coming outside of the region,” said Maj. Gen. Jafari.

“Today, the major focus was on the enemy’s aircraft carriers displayed brilliantly through different array of arms and technologies; these technologies well demonstrates our experiences during post-War years,” Jafari told the IRIB News Network. “At that time, we did not have these weaponry; now, we have those years’ experiences as well as the advanced warfare; the spirituality and piety along with these technologies would produce unparalleled might,” he emphasized.

“The message of the drills is of deterrence by nature, reminding others to mind their own business, and avoid the security borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Jafari, noting that the drills had the message to the world that Iran was a defender of the Strait of Hormuz.

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