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ISIL terrorists suffering major losses in Iraq

26 February 2015 22:33


Sources in Mosul say the ISIL terrorist group’s leader, Ibrahim Samarrai also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, escaped from the twon of Baaj to neighbouring Syria after making a public speech in the Great Mosque of Baaj. Baghdadi is said to have escaped with a number of ISIL leaders.

Meanwhile, a member of the Mosul municipality council says that the ISIL terrorists have begun digging a tunnel to link Baaj to a Syrian border town in Al-Hasakah province. The tunnel could later be used by the terrorists to escape advancing Iraqi forces.

This comes amid the advances of the Iraqi forces especially in the Salaheddin province where a mop-up operation against the terrorists is under way. This is while the Iraqi security forces are preparing for an operation this spring to retake Iraq’s second biggest city, Mosul from the terrorists:

Moreover, ISIL has also lost a significant portion of its financial resources due to the continuous bombing of oil facilities under their control.

ISIL, now weakened by its financial problems, is also losing the battle on the ground. The terrorists have already lost large swathes of land they previously held to the Iraqi military and volunteer forces. All these developments can indicate that the terrorists’ final defeat will come soon.

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