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Ex-Mossad Chief: ‘Zionist Dream in Danger’ under netanyahu’s Leadership

27 February 2015 17:51


Former Mossad head Meir Dagan sharply criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that he “senses that the continuation of the Zionist dream is in danger” under Netanyahu’s leadership.

“As someone who has served Israel in various security capacities for 45 years, including during the country’s most difficult hours, I feel that we are now at a critical point regarding our existence and our security,” Dagan said a recent statement, Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Friday.Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan

“I have no personal issue with the prime minister, his wife, his spending and the way he conducts himself – I’m talking about the country he leads.”

Dagan described Netanyahu’s policies as “destructive to the future and security of Israel.”

“As someone who has raised his children here, and now his grandchildren, and as someone who believes in all his heart in the Zionist dream – I sense a danger to the continuation of that dream – and for that reason I will speak.”

Dagan also announced he will be the keynote speaker at an anti-Netanyahu rally on Saturday March 7 in Tel Aviv.

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