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ISIS Execute 4 men in Iraq Salahuddin Province

27 February 2015 17:48

ISIS Execute 4 men in Iraq Salahuddin Province + Graphic picture

Just hours after campaign group “CAGE” defended Jihadi John, 4 man accused of spying for the Baghdad government were executed in Salahuddin province.
Despicable images show four men about to be put to death by ISIS in Iraq .They are apparently then shot in the back of the head for being spies.
Orange-clad men reportedly killed in cold blood in Salahuddin province. ISIS figurehead was unmasked as west Londoner Mohammed Emwazi
Yesterday after Asim Qureshi campaign group CAGE director defended “Jihadi John” and made comment about Emwazi and blamed MI5 for radicalising the University of Westminster graduate, many branded Qureshi as an ISIS sympathizer.
He described Emwazi as ‘the most humble young person that I knew’, adding: ‘He was such a beautiful young man, really.

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