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Syria on the side of justice and should be supported against terrorism

27 February 2015 19:46


Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said Syria is on the side of justice and justice always has the upper hand over force. During his meeting with Minister of Justice Najm Hamad al-Ahmad on Thursday, Clark added that those who stand by Syria’s side should get united in the face of fighting terrorism and its backers.

Clark, who is on a visit to Syria heading a delegation of American activities, said terrorism is a common threat to everybody and Syria is jeopardized by terrorists, stressing the need to maintain Syria as a free, independent and sovereign state.

We have to figure out ways to preserve Syria through peaceful solutions, warning that having the crisis in Syria dragging on poses a threat to the entire humanity. Clark hailed the Syrian people’s unity and adherence to their government in the face of the terror danger.

For his part, Justice Minister said Syria will go ahead with fighting terrorism, noting that the Ministry will file suits against all organizations and countries, including the US and Western states, which have been supporting terrorism to take them to court.

To that end, the al-Ahmad said the Ministry has prepared three reports documenting the terrorists’ crimes in Syria which will be put forth in the course of the effort to prosecute the countries and personalities involved in backing terrorism. He handed over a copy of those reports to Clark.

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