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Former Israeli Spy Officials Admit Failure in Blocking Deal with Iran

28 February 2015 18:09


Former Zionist intelligence officers admitted that Tel Aviv has failed to block the Iranian nuclear program, warning of the negative repercussions against the Jewish entity in case a deal between Iran and the West is reached.

Speaking to the Zionist Channel 10, a former Mossad head, Jacob Perry, said that the recent negotiations imply a high motivation of the US administration to sign a deal with the Islamic Republic without thinking of imposing sanctions that might allow monitoring, following up and interference when needed.

For his part, Amos Yadlin, former head of military intelligence, voiced concerns about how the Zionist entity can ensure that Iranians will halt uranium enrichment when they reach the limit they need for their peaceful program.

“If their (Iranians’) program advanced, what the very tough sanction would be. This has to be agreed upon between Israel and the United States,” he told the Jewish channel.

Moreover, the Zionist pessimistic view of the future regarding a possible deal with Iran led former officers to call for putting the military option on table once again.

“Lifting sanctions on Iran, as well as visits of Presidents and ministers to Tehran for economic transactions, will give it further power which might be exploited in other fields of concern to us,” Giora Eiland, former Zionist National Security Advisor, said to the Hebrew media outlet.

Former Zionist officers frequently reiterate warnings of harming the relations between the United States because of the Iranian nuclear program, which they believe will put Tel Aviv “in a tight corner.”

Talks on Tehran’s nuclear program have made substantial progress, and a spokeswoman for the European Commission said in Brussels Friday that senior diplomats from the six world powers (US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) and Iran will resume talks on a nuclear agreement in Montreux, Switzerland on Tuesday.

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