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Gazans slam EU’s decision to keep Hamas blacklisted

1 April 2015 10:24


Palestinians in Gaza have condemned the European Union’s decision to keep Hamas on its terror blacklist despite last December’s ruling by the General Court of the European Union that said blacklisting Hamas was not based on legal judgements.

EU spokeswoman Suzanne Kiefer wrote on Twitter last week that the EU has appealed against the court’s ruling.The appeal process may last for nearly two years.
Hamas described the EU’s decision as immoral and unjust.

Hamas’s military wing the Qassam Brigades and its political wing were added to the EU’s terrorist blacklist in 2001 and 2003 respectively.In 2006 Hamas democratically won the Palestinian legislative elections with an overwhelming majority and still enjoys huge support among Palestinians.An analyst described the EU’s decision as biased and disappointing.

Keeping Hamas on the European Union’s terror blacklist is seen by many Palestinians as another example of how Western countries continue to play into the hands of Israel.

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