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Hizbullah Phobia Chases ’Israel’: 1200 Missiles per Day, Suicide Drones…Mass Causalities in next War

1 April 2015 19:56


Again and again, it’s the “Israeli” phobia from Hizbullah.

For the first time in the Zionist entity since 2007, the “Home Front Command” and the Planning Directorate have drafted a new “reference scenario”, visualizing a potential Third Lebanon War that includes an average of 1,200 rockets per day launched from Lebanon and hundreds of “Israeli” dying over the course of the battle.

“Israel” soldiers

The scenario – an up-to-date forecast upon which “Israel” bases its investment in troops and battle preparedness, and not necessarily a prognosis of what will actually occur – was distributed to mayors and mostly involves local authorities.
“It includes predictions of casualty numbers, damage to buildings, and the amount of rockets launched,” based on the assessment of an “Israeli” senior Home Front Command official.

The official used the scenario supplied to “Kiryat Biyalik” as an example: “Dozens of rocket hits in the city on the worst day of the war, out of several hundred during the whole war. Tens of thousands of buildings will be damaged lightly or very lightly, hundreds moderately, a few dozen heavily, and very heavily in isolated cases. Hundreds will be wounded while only a small number will die, a few dozen will be moderately to critically wounded, and hundreds will be lightly wounded or victims of anxiety.”

“While the Iron Dome system made hundreds of interceptions during Operation Edge and prevented rockets from landing in city centers, the situation in the north will likely be different.”
According to the source, “The political echelon is the body expected to decide, based on a situation assessment, where to distribute 10 Iron Dome batteries and whether it would be preferable to deploy them to protect strategic sites like power stations, water pumps, and air bases, or to protect population centers.”

The “Israeli” army estimates that in contrast to Hamas, Hizbullah possesses hundreds of precise missiles with GPS capability, in addition to an advanced arsenal of sophisticated suicide drones that could hit virtually any target in northern or central the Zionist entity. “Protection of strategic sites has been a drop in the ocean in the last few years,” said the official. “The situation is not good.”

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