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Islamic Jihad calls for tabling the prisoners’ file with ICC

1 April 2015 19:52


Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine called for tabling the Palestinian prisoners’ file with the International Criminal Court (ICC) since the State of Palestine has joined the ICC as an official member.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Islamic Jihad leader Khader Habib stressed the need to defend the Palestinian prisoners, held in Israeli jails, at international courts and to defend their just cause.

In the conference, Muhjat al-Quds Foundation for Martyrs and Prisoners announced the first of its activities in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners to be launched on April 17 which marks the Palestinian Prisoner Day.

Habib hailed the captive movement especially the old prisoners on the occasion of the oncoming of Palestinian Prisoner Day.

He called on the world to defend the rights of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in light of the incessant Israeli violations of their rights.

For his part, the spokesman of Muhjat al-Quds Yasser Saleh said the activities on the Palestinian Prisoner Day is an expression of support for the detainees and in recognition of their sacrifices and steadfastness in face of the Israeli repeated violations.

Saleh called on the international institutions to support the Palestinian captives and to pressure Israel in order to improve their detention conditions especially the Palestinian female detainees.

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