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1000s of Yemenis protest Saudi-led invasion of their country

2 April 2015 9:20


With Saudi-led, warplanes continued pounding Yemen for seventh consecutive day without any UN mandate; tens of thousands of Yemenis have staged protest rallies against blatant violation of their country’s sovereignty.

Saluting the stand of the world’s free people, demonstrators who turned out to the streets in their thousands said they will not back down before the end of what they described the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen. They also vowed to continue their marches toward freedom and prosperity.

Carrying banners and chanting slogans against Saudi Arabia and its allies, demonstrators from all walks of life gathered at a well-known square. They strongly denounced the heinous crimes being committed against innocent civilians throughout Yemen, particularly aerial strike targeting an area in Yarim and the refugee camp of Mizraq, Haradh district.

Protesters also slammed the international silence toward the atrocities being committed by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Saudi Arabia launched air strikes on Wednesday midnight pounding different cities, ports, military and civilian infrastructure. Many of the strikes have hit residential areas. Nearly 200 people, including women and children have so far been killed in relentless Saudi bombardment of impoverished Arab nation.

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