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France’s Sciences Po University bars Pro-Palestinian group

2 April 2015 9:23


France’s top political science university has come under criticism for barring a pro-Palestinian conference while opening its doors to a pro-Israeli convention.

During last month’s global “Israeli Apartheid Week”, Sciences Po, as it is commonly known, did not ban extremists, but the mainstream and the increasingly effective Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign.

The censorship is another example of the intolerant and hawkish attitude France displays towards many issues which involve Muslims.

Last year France earned worldwide condemnation for their attempts to ban a pro-Palestinian demonstration. But clearly, when the government takes a reactionary stance it empowers other institutions to do the same.

The police broke the law by denying journalists access to the demonstration, adding another layer of censorship. They also forced all the marchers to sign a registration, denied them the chance to speak with journalists and finally herded them directly into the subway.

France repeatedly trumpets its devotion to freedom of expression, and pats itself off the back constantly for its love of intellectual debate, but the gaping holes in their assertions are increasingly obvious to many and only getting bigger.

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