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Lebanese Army Kills 3 ISIL Terrorists in Arsal Barrens

2 April 2015 18:49


The Lebanese Army succeeded in killing three gunmen — including a senior person in ISIL known as Al-Ansari — during a failed attempt to enter Wadi Hmayed last night.

The field reporter added that the Army members also succeeded in imprisoning the gunman Khaled Ahmad Al-Waw who was injured during the confrontation and was transferred to the hospital to be treated.

In a related context, the tensions kept up in Arsal protesting the Syrian terrorists’ crime of kidnapping the town’s local Hussein Saifeddine.

The Lebanese army also received the corpse of its soldier Ali al-Bazzal who was kidnapped and executed by the terrorist groups in Arsal barrens.

Over 20 Lebanese military servicemen were kidnapped by the terrorist groups of ISIL and Nusra Front who invaded the town of Arsal and clashed with the army and the security forces.

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