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Ayatollah Kashani: Modest, sagacious negotiating team appreciated

3 April 2015 18:24


Iranian nuclear negotiation team is modest and sagacious and observed His Eminence the Leader’s heroic lenience strategy restlessly day and night till achieving this result, said interim Friday prayers leader of Tehran, appreciating Dr. Zarif and his team.

‘All these gentlemen, especially the esteemed president and foreign minister should be congratulated, wished more power to their elbows and reminded of the holy Qur’anic verse that victories are granted from Almighty Allah’s side to pious believers,’ said Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani, referring to the Thursday night joint nuclear communiqué of Iran and the western Sextet.

The ayatollah meanwhile referred to the broad campaign launched against the Islamic world by the western oppressor disbelievers, from publishing insulting caricatures of the Grand Prophet Muhammad (P) to unleashing the chains of the world terrorists to loot the wealth and shed the blood of the Muslim nations, while presenting a distorted image of the dear Islam.

‘Yet, thanks to the humane and lovely nature of Islam more and more Christians, Jews and followers of other religions around the globe convert to Islam with the passage of each new day,’ he said.

‘That is due to the extremely humane personality traits of Prophet Muhammad that still attract the human beings towards acceptance of God’s last true monotheist religion,’ added Ayatollah Emami-Kashani.

Referring to one of the most praised personality traits of Prophet Muhammad (P), he highlighted his extreme care to keep his promises, which is what the true Muslims also do following the praised personality traits of their beloved prophet.

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