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Iran to abide by its promises if P5+1 group fulfills its obligations: Rouhani

3 April 2015 18:17

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic will observe its obligations as per recent Lausanne statement achieved with the P5+1 countries, provided that the other side abides by its obligations as well.

Rouhani made the remark in a televised address to the Iranian nation in the capital, Tehran, on April 3.

“The world should know that we are not deceptive and are not liars and any promises we give will be within framework of our national interests and we will live up to our promises provided that the opposite side abides by its promises as well,” Rouhani said.

He added that if some day they decide to choose a new path, the way would be open to the Iranian nation to make a proportionate decision as well.

The Iranian president said the nuclear agreement is just a step toward interaction with the world and all those countries that want to respect the Iranian nation and “work with the people of Iran within framework” of mutual interests.

“There is no doubt that cooperation and interaction will benefit all,” he said.

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