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Iraqi army finds massacre burial sites near Tikrit

3 April 2015 14:26


Tikrit is the witness of many ISIL atrocities one of them is the Speicher massacre, where the ISIL terrorists has executed more than 1,700 troops after being kidnapped from Camp Speicher in north Tikrit, in June last year, and took them to the presidential palaces complex, killed them and threw them in the river. The massacre was filmed by ISIL and broadcasted on social media.

Iraqi security forces found during the liberation of the city of Tikrit, the place of the execution.

Iraqi forces also found a mass grave in Tikrit near the river where ISIL had buried hundreds of soldiers after digging a whole, cloths and identity cards were also found along with the bodies of the victims.

Many innocent have been killed by ISIL in the city of tikrit and its surrounding villages, some families watched their loved ones being killed on youtube by ISIL and are still looking for the bodies.

Iraqi government prevented anyone from opening the mass graves by Iraqi forces, assuring that a team of experts will arrive to the city to inspect the site and transfer the bodies to Baghdad for DNA testing.

Iraqi factions said that they took revenge for the speicher victims by retaking the city of tikrit from ISIL militants, assuring that they will continue the fight until flushing ISIL out of Iraq.

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