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Battle for East Homs Expands to Multiple Fronts

4 April 2015 10:27


The battle for east Homs is reaching its critical stages, as ISIL terrorists and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) engage in a tug-of-war fight for territory at the gas fields of Jabal Al-Sha’ar and the northern perimeter of Tiyas Airbase.

The Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces Brigade “Al-Qawat Suqour Al-Sahra” (Desert Hawks) has progressed further into Well 105 in Jabal Al-Sha’ar, capturing the western security outpost after intense firefights with ISIS fighters on Friday.

Meanwhile, at the Tiyas Airbase, ISIL terrorists attempted to break-through the SAA’s security box for the 4th time this week, targeting the northern perimeter with a barrage of gunfire and mortar shells.

However, the attack was unsuccessful due to the SAA’s fierce resistance and ISIL’ inability to maneuver without tank cover.

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