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Fierce clashes between ISIL and Hamas in Yarmouk; Large ISIl Tunnel Unearthed

4 April 2015 10:40


Day three of the ISIL offensive at Al-Yarmouk Camp began with the latter taking control of the Yarmouk School Street after fierce clashes with Hamas affiliated “Aknef Beit Al-Maqdis” fighters on early Friday morning.

Directly following their control of the Al-Yarmouk Boys School, ISIL captured the Shaker Stadium and Libya Street, killing over a dozen Aknef Al-Maqdis fighters before they seized the area.

As a result of ISIL’ capture of the Shaker Stadium, a large wave of their combatants entered the complex and entrenched themselves near the rooftop and around the stadium’s vicinity; it is believed that this will be ISIL’ headquarters in the Al-Yarmouk Camp.

For Aknef Al-Maqdis; it was not a good day at Al-Yarmouk Camp, as the pressure to maintain their positions in the district became extremely difficult.

The fighters from Aknef Al-Maqdis were unable to hold their ground in the eastern part of Yarmouk Camp, as ISIL terrorists swarmed their positions; this forced over two dozen of their fighters to head towards a Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) checkpoint and surrender themselves in order to rejoin the fight against ISIl.

The PFLP-GC and Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) launched another successful offensive near 30th Street that resulted in their recapture of Palestine Street and their eventual control of the Al-Yarmouk Roundabout.

During their offensive in the camp, the PFLP-GC discovered a large tunnel that was used ISIL to infiltrate into a number of areas in Yarmouk, including 30th Street, 15th Street, and the Palestine Mosque neighborhood.

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